It´s easy to feel peace while meditating in the quiet of your sanctuary. But to find it when life becomes difficult is the real test! With practice you have the power to become invincible, so that no situation disturbs your peace. 

Breathing and staying relaxed in challenging yoga postures is STRONGYOGA.


“The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average person. 

The average person seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence.. The warrior seeks impeccability in his/her own eyes and calls that humbleness..

The average person is hooked to his fellow men. While the warrior is hooked only to infinity" - Carlos Castaneda

"Thinking is great! But the importance that you give your thoughts is a real issue.
Some thoughts are true, most of them are lies.

Yoga and spiritual practice put space between you and your thoughts so that thoughts can be observed and questioned.

Otherwise we become manipulated and controlled by the 65,000 thoughts that pass through our mind each day. Each thought contains a different agenda, feeling, and personality. And to be wrapped up in our thinking mind literally makes you schizophrenic. When our mind is pulled in many opposing directions, nothing gets done. Yet when we learn to take control of our mind and vigilantly hold a thought or goal or purpose, that goal is sure to manifest.

The first step is learning to watch your mind instead of getting swept away in the riptide of changing thoughts. Through observation we can connect to our higher purpose and spiritual needs. Otherwise you will just be another zombie. Get your brain back!!

Be the observer." - Jared McCann

STONGYOGA på Yoga Games 2019